Credit Officer

Experience: 3-4 Years | Job Location: Mumbai
  • Credit recommending and sanctioning authority, responsible for analysis of loans as per the Policy Manual.
  • Accountable for the credit quality of the loan underwritten and portfolio, including the due diligence, of the portfolio included in their markets.
  • Ensuring accurate and appropriate analysis of applicant's credentials, including financial analysis & various associated financial ratios for credit decision, as per the Policy Manual.
  • Responsible for initiating personal Discussion before recommending proposal besides recording all the factual events/observations/discussions to facilitate credit decision by the sanctioning authority.
  • Preparing and monitoring system related MIS and data updating for the requirement of the administration of the loans as per the Loan Policy Manual.
  • Being the first person verifying the post disbursement documentation completion and compliance of all conditions including the sanction terms and conditions stipulated on deals.
  • Visits to outstation branches/units as per the instructions of the competent authority in relation to the matters connected with Credit Appraisal/PD/Sanction matters.
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