Company Secretary

Experience: 2 Years | Job Location: Mumbai

    Job Description:

  • Advising on good governance practices and compliance to Corporate Governance norms as prescribed under various Corporate, Securities and Other Business Laws and regulations and guidelines

  • Assists in developing a corporate and social sustainability framework

  • Handles the promotion, formation and incorporation of companies and matters related therewith

  • Responsible for filing, registering any document including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorized representative

  • Coordinate the board/general meetings and follow-up actions thereof

  • Manages all tasks relating to Securities and their transfer and transmission

  • Acts as the custodian of corporate records, statutory books and registers

  • Responsible for declarations, attestations and certifications under the Companies Act, 2013

  • Responsible for RBI reporting and Compliance

  • Will also assist, participate, partner with internal and external stakeholders in areas of communication with various stakeholders, like Shareholders, Government, Regulators, Authorities etc.

  • Works very closely with the Finance and Legal departments

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